VirtualPeaz Technology™

Evolutionary paks

Until now, there were 3 basic choices for hot and cold therapy relief:

  • An ice pack

  • A gel pack

  • Or a bag of frozen vegetables.

FrozenPeaz®, the next generation in hot and cold therapy out performs them all!


The difference between FrozenPeaz® and other products you may be familiar with... VirtualPeaz™

PerformanceUnlike gel-based glycerin beads, our VirtualPeaz™ are a proprietary glass-like material that does not break down with repeat use or microwaving.


Used hot or cold, VirtualPeaz feel better and last longer.

Long-Lasting Cold

Better than an ice pack…

The patent-pending Clear Ice Solution™ is formulated for long-lasting high performance cold therapy while staying flexible.

The chart below illustrates the power of FrozenPeaz® as a cold pack.

Long-Lasting Heat

FrozenPeaz® therapy packs deliver high performance hot therapy as well!

Unlike glycerine based gel packs, the VirtualPeaz™ in FrozenPeaz won’t break down in the microwave.

And FrozenPeaz products as a hot pack is better than a heating pad – no cord!