TheraPeaz – Winner of 2014 Innovative HME Retail Product Award at MedTrade

The biannual Innovative HME Retail Product Awards honor HME products that are particularly suited for retail sale. The competition recognizes and promotes products that contribute to the bottom lines though cash sales.

The Challenge

With the growing importance of cash products in the HME/DME world, expanding further into the pain management category is a great opportunity to grow retail business and add to the bottom line.

  • Hot and Cold therapy products, like TheraPeaz® are great for traditional HME Clients that are all too familiar with aches / pains.
  • Products like TheraPeaz® are an opportunity to grow the customer base of a traditional HME base to target younger clients (athletes / weekend warriors).
  • Some like it hot, some not. TheraPeaz® = 1 space offering 2 solutions.

The Opportunity

Americans are increasingly looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Consumers are increasingly aware that both opioid painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause serious side effects. Consumers and physicians are turning to non-pharmaceutical pain relief offered by hot/cold therapy.

The Market Potential

For the last several years, the home health care products market has been experiencing a major transition as a result of changes in the market environment, reimbursement, the number of people leading active lifestyles, and a decline in the use of OTC and prescription pills.

As a result of these changes, there are significant revenue opportunities in the area of pain management; specifically with respect to hot and cold therapy products.

  • U.S. sales of hot and cold therapy packs are projected to reach US$285.71 million by 2015, as reported in the ‘Hot and Cold Therapy Packs – A global Stragic Business Report’, published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
  • Estimated U.S. sales of hot/cold therapy for the top 10 brands over a 52-week period to be 16,725,442 units with a retail value of $118.8 million USD, as reported by Drugstore Management.

The Solution: TheraPeaz®

For generations people have been using a bag of frozen peas to ice an injury. If you’ve ever used this method, you know first hand that as they thaw, frozen vegetables leak a smelly green pea juice. If you try to re-freeze and re-use the bag, it freezes into an un-malleable pea iceberg.

TheraPeaz®, a product of FrozenPeaz®, offers patients of all ages a natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers. Our hot and cold therapy products are challenging the status quo of traditional therapy options.

  • Designed in consultation with physicians and therapists
  • Combines the benefits of hot and cold therapy in one easy-to-use pack
  • Cold Therapy: Conformable down to 0ºF
  • Hot Therapy: Easily heats in microwave or hot water bath
  • Non-toxic and Safe
  • Reusable

TheraPeaz® delivers flexible hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and assist in the recovery of minor injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. The TheraPeaz® product line includes a soft, cozy, 100% cotton-flannel pocket. The pocket protects the user’s skin and also absorbs condensation from the pack as it slowly comes to room temperature. The cozy flannel pockets are available in 3 gender friendly colors (FrozenPeaz green, gray, purple) and 4 different sizes to conform to various parts of the body.

Designed with the Retail Environment in Mind

Every aspect of the product is extremely well made, with significant emphasis on the out-of-box experience consumers have when they first purchase and open the product.


TheraPeaz® products and packaging were designed with the retail environment in mind.

  • The packaging features a cutout window on the front, allowing consumers to feel the VirtualPeaz™ difference without opening the product and potentially destroying resale value.
  • Every box in the line has the same height and width dimensions making merchandising easy.
  • The consistent height of the boxes means less wasted retail space.
  • Multiple display options:
    • TheraPeaz® boxes have a solid base, enabling the products to be merchandised on a shelf.
    • TheraPeaz® boxes also have a sturdy hook, allowing the products to be merchandised on hooks.
    • In late October, we are also launching a POP display as a 3rd merchandising alternative.

VGM and other retail consultants often suggest merchandising plans that offer good-better-best alternatives. The original line of FrozenPeaz® products included a compression wrap and required a higher price point.

  • TheraPeaz® allows consumers to purchase a better option than a typical gel pack with only a marginal increase in cost.
  • TheraPeaz® provides the retailer with more revenue per sale than lower priced gel packs.

Durable medical retailers are embracing consumer-friendly cash products. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of these products lack shelf-ready packaging. We designed TheraPeaz® packaging to be some of the best available for retail. Winning the Innovative HME Retail Award validates our success.

We Provide Marketing Support

Success in retail requires more than a great product. Success requires great marketing and brand awareness for both the product and the retailer. We offer several programs to embrace and support retailers of TheraPeaz® and all FrozenPeaz® products.

  • Videos: We have a series of how-to videos that show the different ways to use each of our wraps.
  • Informative articles for web/Email: We have an extensive library of articles on injury recovery, injury prevention, and how/when to use hot cold therapy.
  • Print Ready Materials: From post cards to larger sizes for end caps or acrylic sign holders, we have a growing collection of PDF marketing materials.
  • In store demo samples: When people feel FrozenPeaz, they are usually sold!

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Relax. Revive. Rejuvenate.™ TheraPeaz®

About FrozenPeaz®
FrozenPeaz® patent-pending products deliver high-performance hot and cold therapy in one easy to use pack. FrozenPeaz innovative, doctor recommended products are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes tailored to target different sources of pain from migraine headaches to back pain to plantar fasciitis and everything in between. FrozenPeaz, a natural alternative to pain medications, are non-toxic, plant-based, and safe. Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Recover faster.™ FrozenPeaz.

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