Pain Relief with sports cream or an ice pack?

All of us over do it at one time or another. Weekend warrior in the yard or in the game. Training for a marathon or triathlon. Or just slept the wrong way and have a stiff neck. You are in pain and you want joint pain relief. Reluctant to pop another pill, you want natural pain relief. Your choice is between an over-the-counter joint cream or an ice pack. Which is more effective?

How sports creams work

The cool feelings from topical pain relievers, like IcyHot or BioFreeze, comes from the interaction of the menthol and the skin. Muscle cream is part of a class of treatment called counterirritants, which work by tricking the body into feeling sensations other than pain. Once applied to the skin, the product creates a series of chemical reactions that help temporarily relieve any pain in the area.

In a recent New York Times article, Ed Ryan, former director of sports medicine for the United States Olympic Committee commented that, “From a physiological standpoint, there’s very little benefit that occurs in the tissue where you’re applying a cream.” He went on to say that creams, “Don’t cause a change to occur that would result in any pain decrease or any physiological change that would hasten healing.”

The bottom line, although these creams may help to temporarily mask the pain sensations, topical creams and gels do not help the body to reduce inflammation or muscle spasms.

How an ice pack works


According to the Sports Injury Clinic applying a cold pack to an injury or inflamed muscle offers several benefits and effects, namely to reduce any internal bleeding and swelling. Swelling is caused by fluids concentrating around the area that is inflamed (damaged tissue) due to direct trauma. The cold pack helps to control the rate of inflammation. Top of most peoples mind is pain relief. Applying cold will numb the area, providing the necessary pain relief. As the cold continues to penetrate, the cold therapy acts to reduce muscle spasms and decrease the metabolic rate, reducing the oxygen requirements of the injured cells. These physiological changes may help to accelerate the healing process.

While icing is a great start, combining a cold pack with a compression wrap like FrozenPeaz provides improved skin contact and enables to the cooling benefits to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue. The injured area reaches its lowest temperature faster and the tissue maintains its cool even after treatment ends.

So which is best?

While a muscle cream might help mask the pain if your are unable to ice, applying cold therapy with compression results in physiological effects that help the body not only with pain pain relief but also a recover faster.

Is Your Healthy Eating Causing Protein Deficiency?

I eat lots of fresh vegetables. Drink Kefir. Try to limit my intake of processed foods. Enjoy fish or chicken on what I thought was a regular basis. Sounds good. Right?

Imagine my surprise when my annual blood work indicated a protein deficiency. Fortunately, my levels are not too bad yet and with some attention to sources of protein in my daily diet, I’ll be back on track.

In addition to the usual suspects like tofu and quinoa, here are a few surprising sources of non-meat protein:

Peas: It’s true! Now that you aren’t using your peas as a cold pack, put them back on the dinner table. Each half-cup contains three and a half grams of protein.

Spinach: There are three grams of protein in a half cup of spinach. Try adding spinach to your smoothy or salad.

Brussels Sprouts: Each half cup contains two grams of protein. Brussels Sprouts are also an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K

One final note, unlike meat, many plant proteins are ‘incomplete’ proteins, meaning they don’t contain all of the essential amino acids your body needs. Be sure to combine vegetable proteins with whole grains and eat a variety of plant protein sources.

Rotator Cuff or Shoulder Pain – Apply Ice or Heat

Your shoulders are the most movable joints in your body. It is also one of the most unstable, making it prone to injury. Common shoulder injuries include: sprains, strains, dislocations, separations, tendinitis, bursitis, torn rotator cuffs, frozen shoulder, fractures and arthritis.

The good news… Most shoulder injuries can be effectively treated at home with the RICE protocol.

FrozenPeaz® Large Joint Wrap provides front and back HOT or COLD therapy for shoulder injuries. Here’s how to use the Large Joint Wrap to treat a sore shoulder.

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BumpPeaz Delivers Child-Sized Pain Relief

Helping to Make Bumps & Bruises Better, Naturally

FrozenPeaz®, the award-winning hot and cold therapy product, will launch BumpPeaz®, a child-focused product line, at this year’s MedTrade. Doctors recommend cold therapy as a medication-free way to help prevent and reduce the pain and swelling associated with everything from typical childhood traumas like bumps, bruises and bug bites to injection sites, fevers and other pains associated with pediatric illnesses.

BumpPeaz® (5.5” x 4”) comes with a cozy flannel pocket to protect tender skin and is the perfect size to soothe the aches and pains of little ones. BumpPeaz also includes five temporary tattoos featuring Snappy, the FrozenPeaz mascot. “Between the pain relieving benefits of a cold pack and the fun tattoo, we’ll find a way to turn that frown upside down”, said MaryCarol Dolivier, co-founder of FrozenPeaz.

Increasing retail cash sales continues to be a major focus for HME/DME retailers. Expansion of pain management products is a strategic way to attract and keep cash customers. The natural, child-safe pain relief of BumpPeaz® mimics the often-suggested home remedy of a bag of frozen peas with two key differences:

  • BumpPeaz are reusable, so parents are ready for every ouch.
  • BumpPeaz can be used cold or microwaved hot for whatever therapy relief a child needs.

BumpPeaz - Pain Relief for Your Little Ones“Our patent-pending VirtualPeaz™ technology is truly the next evolution of hot and cold therapy,” said Arthur Blackwood, engineer and co-founder of FrozenPeaz®. “Because VirtualPeaz are not made of gel, they won’t break down with repeat use – even in the microwave.” BumpPeaz, like all FrozenPeaz products, do not contain petroleum based glycerin or glycol; instead, BumpPeaz child-safe products utilize a non-toxic, plant-based solution. BumpPeaz® are also Latex, Lead, and BPA-free.

Although durable medical retailers are embracing consumer-friendly cash products, many manufacturers of these products lack shelf-ready packaging. “Until recently, many products catering to DME retailers ignored the importance of on-shelf appeal,” commented Troy Lindely, Creative Director for FrozenPeaz®. “Our packaging is some of the best available for retail.”

“We were excited to showcasing our entire family of natural pain relief products at MedTrade last year,” says Dolivier. For detailed product information please call us at 716.775.7329.

About FrozenPeaz

FrozenPeaz® patent-pending products deliver high-performance hot and cold therapy in one easy to use pack. FrozenPeaz innovative, doctor recommended products are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes tailored to target different sources of pain from migraine headaches to back pain to plantar fasciitis and everything in between. FrozenPeaz, a natural alternative to pain medications, are non-toxic, plant-based, and safe.