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VasectoPeaz® is all you need for eazy-peazy post-vasectomy recovery.

Leave the vegetables on the dinner table. You're more manly than that.

The comfortable boxer brief holds 'things' in place.

Discreet. No uncomfortable explanations to your 6-year old or your neighbor.


VasectoPeaz® come with a cold therapy pack featuring the patent-pending VirtualPeaz™ technologly.

  • Deep penetrating cold

  • The flexibility of a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack

  • The reusability of a gel pack

  • Are easy to use with no messy leaks

  • Both hot and cold therapy relief

  • A natural alternative to petroleum or glycerine gels



Although loose fitting boxers with a clever design might be your lower layer of choice, snug fitting boxer briefs keep the boys from swinging. Excessive range of motion post-op should be avoided. If the idea of tighty-whities makes you feel ten years old, don't worry, VasectoPeaz® are available in white or black.

The patent-pending VasectoPeaz® boxer brief includes a specially designed pouch that lets you ice your prized possession with a bit of discretion.



Your VasectoPeaz® includes a BONUS flannel therapy wrap. Simply slip the PeazPak into the pocket and you are ready for hot or cold therapy relief any time.


With this bonus flannel therapy wrap, your FrozenPeaz® Pak will provide you natural, plant based hot or cold therapy relief long after the surgery is over and you've recovered.


You have a doctor prescribed 2-day pass. Put your feet up. Watch TV. Read a book. Delegate childcare. No workout or running. RELAX -- You've earned it.


  • PeazPak™ (7.5" W x 3.25" H) featuring VirtualPeaz™ technology.

  • Boxer Brief (white or black)

  • BONUS: 100% cotton-flannel pocket (green, gray, or purple) so you can use the FrozenPeaz ice pack long after the surgery is over and you have recovered.

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Cold Therapy



Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black, White

Boxer Brief Matieral


Wrap Material

100% Cotton-Flannel

1 review for VasectoPeaz®

  1. Jordan

    I had a vasectomy last Friday and am happy to report that I used the product for the 48 hours following the procedure.

    It was comfortable, and made easy work out of a potentially difficult task. I was even able to wear it while walking around freely among guests at my house, and nobody was the wiser.

    It’s certainly a product that should be issued to everyone receiving a vasectomy.

    I am the first of my close friends to get a vasectomy, but I fully expect for more to follow. I’d recommend the product to anyone.


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