TheraPeaz Medium Wrap – Green


The 6-inch x 7.5-inch GRAY MEDIUM WRAP provides soothing relief for sore muscles, arthritis pain, and everyday aches, pains, stress and discomfort.



Cold therapy relieves pain and reduces swelling. Soothing hot therapy relieves tension and stress. The soft, 100% cotton-flannel feels good agains the skin. The Peaz stay pliable and conform to your body delivering soft, comfortable hot or cold therapy.

This 6-inch x 7.5-inch Medium Wrap provides long-lasting hot or cold  therapy relief for everyday aches, pains, stress and discomfort.

Increase Range of Motion

Heat therapy before a workout helps increase the elasticity of muscles and joints and increases blood flow. This may help prevent, ease pain, and increase range of motion.

Reduce Swelling

Cold therapy slows circulation, reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain. Apply cold therapy immediately after an injury to minimize swelling and bruising.

Eazy Peazy

Easily freeze or microwave to feel the ice cool cold relief or soothing heat.

  • Soft flannel pocket soothing for eyes and sinus area.
  • Icy Cool - Long lasting cold therapy. Flexible even at 0º F. And VirtualPeaz™ just feel good!
  • Deep Heat - Microwavable. Deep penetrating hot therapy.
  • Safe / Easy - FrozenPeaz® products are non-toxic. The Clear Ice™ Solution is 100% natural.


Additional information

Weight .65 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 6.5 in


Wrap Material

100% Cotton Flannel

Compression Straps


Heat Therapy


Cold Therapy



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