5 NATURAL Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness

A personal trainer and journalist for Florida International University, Nihat Strider, offers 5 Tips to Relieve Muscle Soreness.

  1. Keep Moving: Light physical movements increase blood flow to the affected areas – helping to relieve pain. For whole body soreness, try light stretching or a yoga class.
  2. Hot/Cold: Alternating hot/cold therapy packs or hot/cold water in the shower helps your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response – increased circulation.
  3. Pop a pill: Instead of a pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory like Alieve, try Curcumin an ancient Indian spice that reduces inflammation.
  4. H2O: Drink more water before and during exercise.
  5. Rub it Out: From a massage therapist to at home remedies like a foam roller, massage helps to release the knots in your muscles and increase blood flow.

For all of Nihat’s tips, check out her full post.

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