Now Eligible to Accept FSA & HSA Cards

Your purchase of FrozenPeaz® Hot/Cold Therapy products, to treat soft tissue injury and to aid in post-surgery recovery, is eligible for Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account benefits.1 You are able to use your HSA and FSA debit/credit cards to purchase from What is HSA and FSA? HSA: Health Savings Account (HSA) are available to taxpayers who are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plans. The funds contributed to the account are not subject to federal income tax at the ... more >>

Knee Pain Relief – Icing with Large Joint Wrap

From runner’s knee to arthritis, one of the great features of the Large Joint Wrap is many people experience 360º of coverage for knee injuries. This enables you to fully surround the knee with hot or cold therapy. Slightly larger frames can use the Large Joint Extension Wrap to achieve full coverage. Check out this how to video for helpful tips. more >>

U.S. World Cup Dreams Are Hamstrung

Jozy Altidore with a pulled left hamstring. Now, a strained right hamstring takes Fabian Johnson out of the World Cup match against Belgium. What is the hamstring and how could it cost the U.S. not one but two key players? he hamstrings are the powerhouse of your leg. The hamstring is not a single muscle; it’s a group of three muscles that run along the back of your thigh. Together, these muscles allow you to bend your knee, straighten your leg and control movement from ... more >>

Arthritis Pain Relief – Hot or Cold?

Feeling the pain of Osteoarthritis? You aren’t alone. Doctor-diagnosed arthritis is expected to increase from approximately 50 million adults today to an estimated 67 million by the year 2030. Why? While obesity and lack of physical activity contribute to the increase of this painful nemesis, the aging population and injuries are the leading culprits. So what can you do to relieve arthritis pain? Fortunately, today’s arthritis suffers have many pill-free pain management options. According to the Arthritis Foundation, ... more >>

Pill Free Arthritis Pain Relief

Whether it’s dull ache, a sharp shooting pain, or a painful burning sensation, chronic arthritis pain is a degenerative condition that affects joints and the surrounding and connective tissues. The term Arthritis is generically used to refer to more than 100 different types of rheumatic diseases and conditions from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus to fibromyalgia and gout. Many people believe that arthritis is the result of inflammation. While there are many forms of arthritis caused by ... more >>

@Rodzilla Finally Gets His FrozenPeaz!

Our Twitter friend @Rodzilla9 hurt his ankle earlier this year. Like all smart runners, he knows to immediately ice an injury. FrozenPeaz was there to make it easy. Here are a few quotes from Rodzilla… January 19: Since I didn’t get @FrozenPeaz1 for Xmas..I still do this #ghetto February 9: @FrozenPeaz1 look still using this#runchat February 11: Woke up today to this….thank you so much @FrozenPeaz1 ..that was ultra fast shipping..will be using ... more >>

Depression and Anxiety Treatment: Exercise!

Winter just won’t let go! If you live where we do, we are expecting more snow this weekend! In the dead of winter it is easy to catch a case of the “winter blues“. These “winter blues” can often be a serious disorder, coined Seasonal Affective Disorder. Unfortunately, depression often comes hand-in-hand with anxiety, which make it hard to get by day to day.  There are many treatments known to help fight the symptoms of anxiety ... more >>

Heat Therapy & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic debilitating musculoskeletal disorder identified by pervasive pain with tenderness in specific areas, associated with tiredness, headaches and sleep disorders. There is no cure for fibromyalgia, and people with the condition usually have it for life. As many as 5 million Americans are thought to have the disease. More women than men are afflicted with fibromyalgia (75% versus 25%) and it shows up in people of all ages. The name fibromyalgia ... more >>

Big News for Better Health: CVS to stop selling tobacco products

We have to admit, the paradox of a pharmacy selling tobacco products had never quite occurred to us until we read comments from Larry J. Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Caremark and CVS Caremark Chief Medical Officer Troyen A. Brennan. If you haven’t heard, CVS Caremark, the nation’s largest pharmacy chain announced earlier today that it will stop selling tobacco products at its retail locations by the 1st of October. The drugstore chain announced that it will ... more >>

Interview with Jessica Smith Before Her Big Race This February

FrozenPeaz® was really pleased to provide Hot & Cold Therapy Products to the Salt Lake International Speed Skating team. Jessica Smith was kind enough to take some time from her busy training schedule to answer a few questions before she skates the biggest race of her life this February on the world stage! Basic Bio Birthday: October 14, 1983 Hometown: Melvindale, MI Where is she now: Salt Lake City, UT Coach: Jae Su Chun Some impressive stats about Jessica U.S. ... more >>