I'm an ex wrestler and a current gym junkie. I've used tons and tons of ice packs over the years and I have multiple injuries knees, low back, shoulders and neck. This pack just about covers them all its intended for shoulders and neck but I've yet to find a use that with some minor adjusting it doesn't work for. I love it and the ice packs themselves are some of the nicest I've ever used. Wonderful product. It's ONLY a downfall is the pack material is a little thicker than I'd prefer. As a licensed Massage Therapist that ices often I personally prefer a good strong cold in an ice pack it still gets the job done quite well.

Product: ProPeaz T-Shaped Wrap

Justin T, Purchase Date: Dec 8, 2014

Great product; sure beats bagging rice in tube socks! The only thing I would recommend would be the enhancement to the the slits housing the beads on the wrap. The seams need VELCRO. I suggested this before and I wasn't taken seriously. The neck wrap isn't used for just the neck.... used for hips or other body parts so if you move, the bead sacks will slip out.

Note: Hello Norma! The pockets on the TheraPeaz neck wrap actually have a flap that folds over and completely encases the pack - a trifold pocket. If the pack is completely inserted into the pocket with the flaps over top, it cannot fall out.

Product: TheraPeaz Spa Neck Wrap - Gray

Norma B, Purchase Date: Dec 13, 2014

This wrap makes it possible to get the best of both worlds with hot and cold options for relief. It is idea as the packs are flexible to getting right on the spot. 5 stars for recovery and relief.

Product: TheraPeaz Spa Neck Wrap - Green
Verified Buyer: Judy M


Judy M,

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