What are FrozenPeaz?


Have you ever used frozen peas or corn for aches and pains?

Introducing the newly patented, modern day remedy – reusable FROZENPEAZ®.

FrozenPeaz® deliver FLEXIBLE high-performance HEAT therapy & COLD therapy in one easy pack. Our innovative and proven approach to pain relief was designed in consultation with physical therapists and physicians. FrozenPeaz, is a NATURAL alternative to pain medications. REUSABLE. Non-toxic. 100% PLANT-BASED. SAFE.

FrozenPeaz® is the winner of several respected Product Innovation Awards (2013; 2014; 2015). From headaches to back pain to sore feet and everything between, FrozenPeaz hot packs and cold packs are available in a variety of shapes & colors to target different sources of aches, pains, stress, & discomfort.

ProPeaz® Hot/Cold Compression Wraps

The original line of FrozenPeaz hot and cold therapy products, ProPeaz, was developed for more serious injuries, post-surgery recovery, sports related injuries and recovery, and chronic pain. This line includes a PeazPod compression wrap that helps to maintain the therapeutic temperature longer, while maximizing comfort. The detachable elastic straps provide customizable compression while holding the wrap in place, enabling moderate physical activity and movement.

Place your body-conforming FrozenPeaz® into its customizable compression wrap, secure it to the affected area, and go about your day… at work or at play.

TheraPeaz® Relax. Revive. Rejuvenate.™

The TheraPeaz line made its debut in October 2014. This new product line was developed to provide relief from everyday aches and pains, when compression isn’t necessary. The TheraPeaz heat and cold therapy line features a soft, cozy, 100% cotton-flannel pocket. The flannel pocket protects the skin and helps absorb condensation as the pack slowly comes to room temperature.

BumpPeaz® Makes Bumps and Bruises Better™

BumpPeaz, our line of cold packs for children, makes bumps & bruises better. Between the pain relieving benefits of cold therapy and fun tattoos, BumPeaz are sure to turn frowns upside down.

This unique family of products will clearly differentiate you from existing competitors selling gel-based beads or ice packs. FrozenPeaz® products utilize VirtualPeaz™, a proven proprietary glass-like sphere that does not break down with repeat use or microwaving.

Our Story

It was in 2010 when MaryCarol Dolivier, a Chicagoan with an active lifestyle suffered a sports injury while training for the Chicago Marathon. During her recovery, she realized that store-bought cold packs and home remedies like frozen peas or frozen corn were not cold enough or flexible enough to provide long-lasting, therapeutic relief.

Realizing an unmet need for an effective, high-quality, pill-free pain remedy that combined all the long-lasting, body-contouring flexibility of a bag of frozen peas with the convenience of a reusable gel pack -- the idea for FrozenPeaz was born.

Joining forces with an engineer, a physical therapist, and a physician, the objective was clear: create a product flexible enough to conform to the body part being treated; provide value by developing a pack that is reusable and effective for both heat therapy and cold therapy; use only safe, non-toxic ingredients.

After months of development and consumer testing, FrozenPeaz was commercially available in 2012.

2012 -

Chicago-based FrozenPeaz® products make their online debut.

2013 -

Popularity for FrozenPeaz® starts to grow and products are available through select local retailers. FrozenPeaz wins an award for best new innovative product at MedTrade and makes its first of many appearances on QVC.

2014 -

TheraPeaz® and BumpPeaz® product lines are launched and TheraPeaz wins an award for Best Retail Product at MedTrade. The FrozenPeaz brand continues to grow with products available in retail locations from Maine to California.

2015 -

The awards keep coming as TheraPeaz® is nominated for International Home & Housewares Innovation Award and we receive our UK patent registration. FrozenPeaz products launch internationally to our neighbor in Canada. VasectoPeaz®, cold therapy for scrotal pain and swelling, launches at the annual conference for the American Urology Association.

Grow With Us

Assembled In The USA

FrozenPeaz® products are assembled in the USA of US and imported materials.

FrozenPeaz® hot and cold therapy packs are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a Class I Medical Device meaning they are approved for a variety of uses, including pain relief and injury recovery.

CE Marking

All FrozenPeaz® therapy products are CE marked and registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for class 1 use. This means the products are compliant with EU legislation and enables FrozenPeaz products to meet national and international supply chain requirements.

The CE mark is clearly visible on packaging of all FrozenPeaz® products, making it easy for customers, distributors or retailers to see the mark and understand its meaning.

Distribution & Retail Opportunities

With all products assembled in the US, FrozenPeaz® products offer reasonable lead times, personal service and low minimum order requirements. FrozenPeaz products are only available through approved FrozenPeaz distributors and retailers. If you are interested in becoming a FrozenPeaz distributor, please email Sales@FrozenPeaz.com

FrozenPeaz® delivers FLEXIBLE, high-performance HEAT therapy & COLD therapy in one easy pack. FrozenPeaz, is a NATURAL alternative to pain medications. REUSABLE. Non-toxic. PLANT-BASED. SAFE.

The secret to the form-fitting flexibility, our VirtualPeaz™ technology, is patented in the UK and patent-pending in the United States.