Save the vegetables for the dinner table

From grandparents to parents to children, everybody knows what to do with a bag of frozen peas. You either eat them or place them on an injury.

Now, you can save the vegetables for dinner! FrozenPeaz® are the reusable modern day version of grandma’s remedy.

Developed in consultation with physicians and physical therapists, FrozenPeaz® deliver FLEXIBLE high-performance HOT & COLD therapy in one easy pack. FrozenPeaz, is a NATURAL alternative to pain medications. REUSABLE. Non-toxic. 100% PLANT-BASED. SAFE.

FrozenPeaz® flexible Hot and Cold therapy products was established after one of its innovators fell down a flight of stairs, sustaining substantial bruises and swelling. From this painful event, a journey to create a new therapy option that combines the reusability of a glycerin gel pack, with the coldness of an ice pack, and the flexibility of a bag of frozen peas was initiated. With one additional caveat, the product must be equally effective when used for heat therapy.

A significant improvement over gel-based beads, FrozenPeaz did what many others in the Hot and Cold therapy market failed to do – it challenged the status quo. Our products utilize VirtualPeaz™, a proven proprietary glass-like sphere that, unlike gel-based beads does not break down with repeat use or microwaving. And VirtualPeaz, used HOT or COLD, just feel good! (UK patent / US patent pending)

FrozenPeaz MedTraded WinnerNot only are FrozenPeaz different on the inside, we are different on the outside! Our aesthetically pleaZing, award winning packaging BREAKS THE STEREOPTYPICAL red and blue packaging of this category.

Since its inception, FrozenPeaz has been the winner of numerous innovation awards, nominations and recognitions. We strive to help pea-ple Relieve Pain. Reduce Swelling. Recover Faster™. For more information please visit

If you are in pain, recovering from an injury, or train with extensive workouts like CrossFit, order FrozenPeaz today to start recovering faster.

If you are a retailer interested in revitalizing your pain management or first aid category with an innovative product that works better than a traditional gel pack, call us!

The new normal of Hot and Cold Therapy – FrozenPeaz. Tomorrow’s answer to pill-free pain relief for an increasingly ageing but active demographic

You will then appreciate why we say leave the peas for the dinner table!

With all products assembled in the US, FrozenPeaz products offer reasonable lead times, personal service and low minimum order requirements. FrozenPeaz products are only available through approved FrozenPeaz distributors and retailers. If you are interested in becoming a FrozenPeaz distributor, please email

FrozenPeaz delivers FLEXIBLE, high-performance HEAT therapy & COLD therapy in one easy pack. FrozenPeaz, is a NATURAL alternative to pain medications. REUSABLE. Non-toxic. 100% PLANT-BASED. SAFE.

The secret to the form-fitting flexibility, our VirtualPeaz technology, is patented in the UK and patent-pending in the United States.

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