Say Good-Bye to Ice and Gels

When you are injured, you need immediate cold therapy relief that is easy to use.

Ice packs melt (not reusable).

Other options aren’t as flexible as they claim.

FrozenPeaz doesn’t look or behave like traditional gel packs because FrozenPeaz is anything but typical.

Check out this video to see for yourself

The alternative to traditional gel packs – FrozenPeaz®

FrozenPeaz® Hot & Cold Therapy Products are flexible right out of the freezer. Shattering previous expectations for hot and cold therapy, FrozenPeaz products deliver deep penetrating relief.

Independent testing shows that FrozenPeaz paten-pending formulation stays hotter and colder longer than traditional gel or clay alternatives.

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  • Flexible (down to 0°F)
  • Natural (plant-based solution)
  • Hot + Cold therapy relief